Learning Resources


Harford Day employs a School Counselor to work with children on a variety of topics from managing anxiety to mastering study skills to dealing with divorce. Individual and small-group counseling is available. Families can access the Counselor by contacting her or may be contacted by the Counselor, at the suggestion of a child’s teachers.

Our Counselor teaches a class called “Passages” to eighth graders that discusses “life skills” topics like decision making, building strong relationships, Internet safety, friendship, etc.

Paula Farrell, PE Teacher and Director of Athletics, teaches Health to students in grades 5-7. The course similarly includes topics appropriate for discussion at earlier grade levels.

Learning Resources

Harford Day considers bright and motivated children for admission who may have learning needs. As a private independent school, Harford Day determines what learning accommodations it can offer, on a case-by-case basis. We will consider, but we are not required to adhere to, public school Independent Education Plans (IEPs).

The School has worked with children who have ADD, ADHD, and problems with executive functioning, but is not equipped to, for example, work with children who have language-based disabilities. The School Counselor manages files on students who receive accommodations and is the first point of contact. Teachers are required to know and employ all approved accommodations.

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A Harford Day School education is a gift meant to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of every student; its benefits realized not only while in elementary and middle school, but into high school, college, and life.