People contribute to Harford Day School for a variety of reasons, and in a variety of ways.


Parents, alumni, faculty and staff, grandparents, past families, organizations, and community friends give generously each year to support the educational mission of the School.

Because of the foresight of the parents who founded Harford Day, as well as continued strong leadership, the school has grown and developed to meet the demands of an ever-changing educational landscape. Today, the founders' children - now Harford Day alumni - are assuming leadership roles in the community and in shaping our school's future. They send their children to the School. Harford Day alumni serve on the Board of Trustees and continue to create a vision for the School’s future.

Some donors give out of a sense of service, or a desire to repay a benefit they received earlier in their life. Others give because they believe in Harford Day School and the contribution it makes to the quality of life or its students and the community. Giving to Harford Day School helps ensure the future of the institution and makes a distinctive difference in children's lives.

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The act of giving is highly personal. Gifts can be made outright or deferred. Gifts can be used immediately or invested to earn an annual income supporting a specific purpose. A gift to the Blue and Green Fund has immediate impact on the School by supporting on-going operations, including faculty salaries. Gifts that are invested in the School's endowment provide a permanent stream of income for a specific purpose chosen by the donor, or can be designated for a general purpose fund such as financial aid or professional development. Capital gifts fund classroom, athletic, art and other facility needs.

If you are considering a gift to the Blue and Green Fund, endowment, or capital - we encourage you to discuss your ideas with us. Communication is the best guarantee that we will be able to honor your wishes and provide for the School's priority needs.

Donna Decker, Director of Advancement: 410-838-4848

Carla Mattioli, Assistant Director of Advancement: 410-838-4848

A Harford Day School education is a gift meant to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of every student; its benefits realized not only while in elementary and middle school, but into high school, college, and life.