Middle School

Grade 6th to 8th

Our challenging academic program develops mastery of fundamental skills and concepts necessary in high school, and beyond. But it does so much more...all through the lens of

What's best for early adolescents?

  • We know that middle school students require instruction and practice in communication and collaboration, and so we provide lots of it, in settings as varied as the art studio, the science lab, the lacrosse field, and the math classroom.
  • We also know that tomorrow's students, thinkers, leaders, and citizens need to develop their abilities to analyze, to evaluate, to think critically and creatively--sometimes independently, sometimes with partners and groups, and always with resilience to make mistakes and survive setbacks.
  • And we know that just as important as learning both newer and more traditional academic skills, growth through social interactions, play, exercise, and leadership opportunities is essential.
Harford Day is the only PK3 to Grade 8 independent school in Harford County accredited by AIMS (Association of Independent Maryland/DC Schools) and a member of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).