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Student Voices

Entering Grade: 1st Grade

Most Lasting Benefit of Your HDS Experience: The science program because we have done so many hands-on activities that helped me engage more with the material. I have learned so much with Mrs. Poole that will help me in high school when I join the STEAM program. 

One activity/subject you would not have tried unless you were at HDS: I probably wouldn’t have tried Latin, but I chose it this year and ended up loving it. It is important to me because it helps me with my English/vocabulary, and I have fun doing it. 

What makes HDS special? I think the people at HDS make it special including the teachers, staff, and the students. The teachers really teach us some very important and necessary life skills that make the community here welcoming and friendly. 

Favorite HDS Memory: My favorite HDS memory is when I was in 6th grade and our whole grade played against the 7th graders in capture the flag; we won both rounds. 
Harford Day is the only PK3 to Grade 8 independent school in Harford County accredited by AIMS (Association of Independent Maryland/DC Schools) and a member of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).
Non-discrimination Statement
Application to Harford Day School is open to all students without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin,
 sexual orientation, or disability. Harford Day School does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies, financial policies, financial aid programs, and other administered extra-curricular or administrative programs.