Faculty/Staff and Governance

Faculty/Staff Directory

2018-2019 Faculty/Staff

Harford Day School Board Leadership, 2018-2019

Board President

Fred Kuhn

Vice President

Niteen Milak


Lorrie Schenning


Owen Jordan ’99

Alumni Association President

Stephen Klein ’00

Parent Association President

Reggie Flowers

Trustee Emeritus

Irna Jay

Board Members

Greg Benfield '85

Cathy Brockmeyer

Katy Giannelli

Jim Hamill

James Haven

Bill Hubbard

Mike Ward

Chuck Wienckowski

Jill Wilkens

Carla Yeago ’82

A Harford Day School education is a gift meant to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of every student; its benefits realized not only while in elementary and middle school, but into high school, college, and life.