Dress Requirements

The dress code lists examples of clothes that students may wear to school. The goals of the dress code are as follows:

  • Help students distinguish between dress for school and dress for informal activities
  • Prevent competition over clothing
  • Decrease the time spent pondering over what one should wear
  • Decrease the time spent on enforcement of the dress code in order to concentrate on the core matters of teaching and learning
  • Provide neat and comfortable student dress options
  • Increase pride in appearance and in Harford Day School
  • Promote modesty in appearance; school clothing is expected to fit and to be worn appropriately at the discretion of the faculty and Head of School.

Students must be in code from arrival at school until the end of the school day. Students must remain in code if attending extra help or meeting other academic requirements after school. The responsibility of adhering to the dress code rests with students and their parents.

Students who are out of dress code may receive consequences including detention, requiring a parent to bring appropriate clothes to school, or other consequences at the discretion of the student’s division head.

See the guide below for details:




May be purchased at…

Polo Shirt or Button Down

  • White, Navy, Evergreen/Hunter, Colbalt/Royal
  • Long or short-sleeved
  • w/ Harford Day logo

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End

“Peter Pan” Collar Shirt, Polo Shirt, or Button Down

  • White or Navy
  • Long or short sleeved
  • w/ Harford Day logo

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End


  • If worn, white, no logos or designs



  • Khaki or Navy pleated or flat front - no stretch, flare, or cargo pants; no painter’s pockets

Flynn & O’Hara, Lands’ End, Used uniform sale, etc.

Before Thanksgiving and after Spring Break

  • Khaki or Navy, (see R & S Rule for fit), walking shorts - no carpenter or painter’s pockets

Flynn & O’Hara, Lands’ End, Used uniform sale, etc.

Belts (must be worn if shirt is tucked in)

  • Any solid color



  • Khaki or Navy, (see R & S Rule for fit), pleated or A-line

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End


  • Khaki or Navy, (see R & S Rule for fit) double-paneled or two-button

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End


  • Khaki or Navy
  • Dress code top worn underneath

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End

Polo Dress

  • Navy or Evergreen
  • w/ Harford Day logo

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End


  • Navy, White, Evergreen
  • w/ Harford Day logo

Flynn & O’Hara or Lands’ End

Sweatshirts / Fleeces / Vests

  • Navy, White, Grey, Evergreen, Cobalt
  • HDS logoed sweatshirts, fleeces, and vests
  • Dress code top worn underneath

Spirit Shop or Lands’ End


  • Socks must be worn and be a matching pair
  • Any solid color


Socks, Tights, Leggings, Knee-Highs, and Bike Shorts (worn under skirts, skorts)
Tights, Leggings, or Knee-Highs must be worn from Thanksgiving to Spring Break

  • Any solid color socks must be worn (matching pair) or
  • Black, White, Grey, or Navy tights or leggings
  • Solid colored bike shorts

Flynn & O’Hara, Lands’ End, Other


  • Flat heeled and bottomed sneakers (no high tops)
  • Flat leather lace-up shoes; closed toe, closed heel


Reach and Stretch Rule

The ‘reach and stretch rule’ is used to determine appropriate fit of clothing for girls. Standing straight with arms at sides, a student‘s fingertips should not reach below the hem of the student‘s skirt, skort, shorts, etc. When hands are raised above the head, the student‘s mid-drift should not be exposed.


Jackets, overcoats, etc. meant to be worn outside are not permitted in the building and should be stored in lockers. Only Harford Day sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleeces may be worn inside.

Dress Down Days

On dress down days, students must wear clothing that is reasonable and appropriate for an academic day. Short skirts, short shorts, cropped tops, tank tops, sleeveless, low-cut or spaghetti strap shirts, tight jeans, yoga pants, and leggings or tights worn as pants are examples of inappropriate free dress clothing. The Reach and Stretch rule applies on dress down days.

Harford Day School reserves the right to change the dress code requirements during the academic year.

Holiday Program

Students may dress in appropriate holiday attire or adhere to the Dress Code.

School Picture Day, Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Awards Day

Regular school Dress Code is in effect.

Graduation Day

K-Prep through 7th grade: a blue or green HDS polo shirt (depending on team color), uniform shorts/skorts/skirts, and sneakers.

Graduation Dress for Eighth Graders

Appropriate attire includes: a suit or a sport jacket and dress pants; white button-down shirt, a tie, belt, dress shoes, and dress socks. A simple white or off-white (not tan) knee-length dress, appropriate for a morning ceremony. Inappropriate styles include strapless, spaghetti straps, halter, bouffant skirts, and dresses made with clingy materials designed to be tight or form fitting. Dresses should have no colored adornments. Shoes or dressy sandals should be completely white or off-white, and have flat or low heels. Hairstyles, make-up (including nail polish), and jewelry should all be appropriate for a morning ceremony.

A letter sent in the spring will include greater detail. At any time during the year, questions regarding graduation may be directed to the Middle School Head.