Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts
The Arts are an integral part of a Harford Day education. Children in all grades experience the arts in a variety of ways.

Visual Arts

The fundamental elements of art (line, shape, color, pattern, and texture) are introduced in the early grades. Art projects are often coordinated with the curriculum in history, science, social studies, and English. For example, students learn gyotaku (fish printing) and sumi-e techniques while studying Japan in the first grade. Third graders design and illustrate book jackets while learning about the Caldecott Medal. Fifth graders create a ceramic sarcophagus and canopic jar while studying the Egyptians.

Middle school students continue their study of the elements of art on a more sophisticated level. Interrelationships of the elements are explored through more complex concepts such as symbolism and perspective. While concentrating on Medieval art in sixth grade and art from the Renaissance in the seventh grade, students refine their drawing and composition skills and expand their knowledge and choice of media. Eighth graders enjoy a more liberal, studio-like atmosphere during art. While still expected to apply previously learned techniques, they are encouraged to pursue areas and media of personal interest.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts are an important part of the learning experience for all students at Harford Day School. Beginning in K-Prep, and continuing through Grade 5, each grade produces and performs a theatrical production linked to the curriculum. The K-Prep and Kindergarten students perform on the small stage in the Early Childhood building while the Lower School productions occur on the medium-sized stage in the Multi-Purpose Room. Students gain confidence and experience with public speaking, singing, dancing, and working as part of a team. The students are also involved with the creation of the costumes, sets, and props. These annual productions are a school tradition and another way that parents can be involved with the school community.


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A Harford Day School education is a gift meant to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of every student; its benefits realized not only while in elementary and middle school, but into high school, college, and life.