Classroom Technology
As an essential literacy skill, children experience technology in a variety of ways.

Students in K-Prep through Grade 4 have a formal technology class while the emphasis in Grades 5-8 is on technology integration into the core subjects. There is a strong focus on logical and critical thinking as well as etiquette, including Internet safety, email usage and password protection. Through the use of Google Apps, iMovie, Typing Agent, web resources and Scratch, students begin to master basic, transferable computer skills. Skills include but are not limited to keyboarding, desktop publishing, creating Quick Time movies, presentations, word processing, spreadsheets, and programming.

Technology Resources

  • Google Apps School
  • All classrooms have a Promethean/SMART board or an Apple TV
  • Student device ratio 1:1
    • 200 iPads
    • 60 MacBooks
    • 25 Chrome Books
  • 3-D Printers
  • Middle School students have email accounts

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