K-Prep 3 (Ages 3-4)

In K-Prep 3 your child will be welcomed into a nurturing and supportive classroom environment focused on play-based learning. Each child’s creativity, independent spirit, and imagination are fostered during our daily activities. Our curriculum is centered upon interdisciplinary, thematic units of study, such as seasons, animals and animal habitats, our place in space, and many more. K-Prep 3 students love our center time where we investigate, explore, and play. Literacy and math skills are incorporated in ways that make learning fun and interesting everyday. We promote the development of the whole child through social interactions and play, and we build friendships in the classroom and wider school community. Our students love special events like Pajama Day, field trips, Spanish class, dancing in the classroom, and time with our older buddies.

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Core Learning

Enriched Learning