K-Prep 3 (Ages 3-4)

In K-Prep 3 your child will be welcomed into a nurturing and supportive classroom environment focused on play-based learning. Each child’s creativity, independent spirit, and imagination are fostered during our daily activities. Our curriculum is centered upon interdisciplinary, thematic units of study, such as seasons, animals and animal habitats, our place in space, and many more. K-Prep 3 students love our center time where we investigate, explore, and play. Literacy and math skills are incorporated in ways that make learning fun and interesting everyday. We promote the development of the whole child through social interactions and play, and we build friendships in the classroom and wider school community. Our students love special events like Pajama Day, field trips, Spanish class, dancing in the classroom, and time with our older buddies.

Explore below to see how we MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT!

Core Learning

Reading Readiness

There is dedicated time, multiple times per day, where the following skills are fostered and reinforced through active lessons, group story times, and one-on-one instruction:

  • Discern print word versus letter

  • Read left to right

  • Identify initial sounds in words

  • Associate letter/sound connections

  • Identify capital and lowercase letters

  • Identify rhyming words

  • Retell parts of a story (beginning, middle, and end)

  • Establish purpose for reading: make predictions, connect important ideas, and link previous experiences

  • Identify parts of a book: cover, author, and illustrator

Writing Readiness

Writing readiness is embedded within the curriculum and occurs not only when the children are engaged with paper-pencil tasks but through creative projects, use of the sensory tables, and other materials. Among other skills, they develop the ability to:

  • Identify first and last name

  • Write first name legibly

  • Demonstrate consistent hand preference

  • Control pencils and scissors

  • Express ideas in drawings

  • Label simple drawings

  • Write numbers to 20 with prompts

  • Write capital and uppercase letters with prompts

Math Readiness

Creatively using everyday objects and the world around them, the students explore shapes and patterns, count, classify, and arrange items in various ways. Through these activities they begin to:

  • Recognize and order numbers to 20

  • Match numbers to 20 to sets

  • Count to 50

  • Count by 5’s and 10’s

  • Apply simple patterns

  • Apply spatial relations ( up/down, above/below)

  • Identify basic geometric shapes

  • Independently complete 24 piece puzzle

Listening & Speaking

Being a part of a classroom group interacting with one's peers as well as attentive adults, allows students to sharpen their speaking and listening skills. Everyday classroom routines and activities such as circle time and singing specifically challenges students to:

  • Speak in complete sentences

  • Express ideas clearly

  • Use the correct pronouns when speaking

  • Listen attentively

  • Appropriately participate in class discussions

  • Formulate thoughts and meaningfully contribute to class discussion 

Personal Skills

Gaining independence and caring for oneself are explicit goals of the K-Prep program. Children gain a sense of responsibility for themselves and their belongings. With assistance from their teachers, they develop the ability to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate control of one's body

  • Execute and apply verbal directions to complete classroom activities

  • Engage appropriately in lessons and activities

  • Transition appropriately between tasks

  • Respectfully manage classroom supplies

  • Put materials and personal items away with teacher instruction

  • Regulate emotions in an appropriate manner

  • Show respect for one's peers

  • Chooses suitable behaviors in interactions with peers

  • Perform basic self-care skills

  • Pack up belongings and put on coat independently

Enriched Learning


Art instruction at Harford Day School is interdisciplinary and related to topics being studied in social studies, science or other subjects. This holistic approach is no different in K-Prep and Kindergarten. Using different mediums from clay to paint, students learn about a subject from many different perspectives in an age appropriate manner. Apples, lady bugs, snowmen, trees--you name it. Amazing works are created as the art teacher skillfully breaks down each project into fun, creative steps that hone the children's fine motor skills.

Media Studies

Stay tuned! Information to come...


Stay tuned! Information to come...


Stay tuned! Information to come...


Stay tuned! Information to come...