Early Childhood

Highly experienced and all holding advanced degrees, our Early Childhood team is representative of the level of excellence that can only be found in an AIMS accredited school.

They eagerly await welcoming your children and are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience to our youngest students.

The K-Prep and Kindergarten classes enjoy a building of their own which was built with the little ones in mind. A spacious common room is used for morning meeting, classes, special lunches, rest, and musical shows. For recess, Early Childhood students have their own outdoor play area with equipment appropriate to their age and development. The Field Study Program begins in Early Childhood where students take monthly trips that provide hands-on experiences to enrich and extend learning.

Learning with joy is K-Prep’s focus as children interact in a warm and safe atmosphere. The program emphasizes both an academic and pro-social curriculum with a focus on building the lifelong values of respect, kindness, patience, cooperation, and good manners.

Central to the Kindergarten program is developing intellectual curiosity and fostering a strong self-image. There is an emphasis on a strong language arts program, ongoing exploration in math and science, and targeted small group instruction. Creative expression is fostered through various art media.

Special classes for Early Childhood students include Spanish, technology, library, physical education, and music. Morning gatherings build a sense of community and celebrate citizenship and cultures around the world. Students prepare a spring musical performance for friends and family.

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