Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive similar questions from families interested in our school so we have compiled a list with some general information. If you do not see your question answered below please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  1. My family is already paying tuition, and plenty of it. Why do we need to give money to the Annual Fund as well?

    Like a majority of independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a child at Harford Day. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide the additional money needed to maintain the overall excellence that makes Harford Day special. That means talented teachers, small classes and exceptional offerings in everything from the arts to athletics.

  2. Why not just raise tuition or cut costs to avoid having to ask for gifts?

    Your gifts make the school more affordable to a wider range of students, bringing your child the many benefits of social and economic diversity. Independent schools are labor-intensive and people-orientated and unlike a traditional business, they cannot get more efficient by combining classrooms or reducing staff. In order to maintain Harford Day’s diverse environment and high standards, cutting such costs are not an option and therefore we must rely on our parents and friends.

  3. I am not able to make a large gift. How much difference can my modest gift really make?

    As trite as it may sound, every dollar counts. The percentage of parents who participate in Annual Giving also sends an important message to our community about the value our parents place on a Harford Day education.

  4. As a parent, I give my time as a volunteer and try to support as many Harford Day activities as I can. Why does the school also ask me to give to the Annual Fund?

    Your volunteer efforts are very important to Harford Day and very much appreciated. The strong partnership we share with our parents is one of our greatest assets. As a volunteer, you get the chance to see first-hand the educational advantages Harford Day provides. By making a gift to the Annual Fund you are helping to maintain and further those standards of excellence.